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Our goal is to connect and build bridges between our TVTV students, amazing alumni, and the wider entertainment industry. From social networks like our Alumni Association Facebook group and LinkedIn to social events, panels, and alumni profiles in our bi-monthly newsletter featured below, we are excited to welcome you to our community.


Mindy Castillo
Journalism, 2019
Sarah Ford
Cinema and Media
Studies, 2017
Mackie Kravitz
Theatre, 2019
Justin Mandel
Cinema-Television Critical
Studies, 2009

Benedict Chiu
Business Administration /
Cinematic Arts, 2018
Jamie McNeill
Film & TV Production, 2020
Giuliana Petrocelli
Cinema and Media
Studies, 2018

Tori Mason
Cinema and Media
Studies, 2019
Grant Singer
Film & TV Production, 2018
Nick Vespe
Cinema and Media
Studies, 2018
Cassandra Brooksbank
Film & TV Production, 2011
Peter Lansworth
Film & TV Production, 2013
Biz Thorsen
Film & TV Production, 2013
Olivia Bonin
Film & TV Production, 2012
James Creech
Business Administration and Political Science, 2012
Michelle Askew
Writing for Screen and
Television, 2021
Namrata Abhyankar
Film & TV Production, 2013
Chris Cheshire
Journalism, 2020
Michelle Au
Cinema and Media
Studies, 2021
John Peck
Broadcast Journalism and
Political Science, 2001

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