• Renee Olstead

    Renee Olstead

    Hosts Griffin Meyer and Charlotte Pruett recap their Thanksgiving breaks and the biggest news stories of the break. Then, Griffin and Charlotte answer questions about each other to find out how much they have learned about each other from the beginning of the season to now. Next, singer and actress Renee Olstead performs live and sits down with Griffin and Charlotte to discuss her accomplished career and upcoming endeavors.

  • Bea Miller

    Bea Miller

    Bea Miller performing on The Morning Brew.

  • Brandon and Bradley Deyo

    Brandon and Bradley Deyo

  • Steve Jones

    Steve Jones

  • Mario Kenyon and Chelsea Lopez

    Mario Kenyon and Chelsea Lopez

  • Performance as an Artform (S2:Ep10)

    Performance as an Artform (S2:Ep10)

    For the season finale, Professor Meiling Cheng talks about what inspired her to study performance art. Join us as we explore the influence of great artists, such as Carolee Schneemann, on contemporary artists like He Chengyao and Yin Xiuzhen. Faculty Info: Courses Taught: THTR 395m: Drama as Human Relations (4 units) THTR 405m: Performing Identities (4 units) THTR 406: Theatre on the Edge (4 units) Air Date: 4/27/2018

  • Marine Transportation & Policy: From Ports to Coasts (S2:Ep9)

    Marine Transportation & Policy: From Ports to Coasts (S2:Ep9)

    This week, Get SChooled! embarks on a trip for a topic as vast as the sea itself, coastal policy and marine transportation! Lecturing today is none other than Dr. James A. Fawcett, a professor of enviromental studies and policy planning at USC. If you would like to know more about ocean pollution concerns or what dredging is, this episode is a prime place to start. Faculty Info: USC Wrigley Institue for Enviromental Studies Courses Taught: ENST 370 Marine & Coastal […]

  • Visiting Tel Aviv (S2:Ep8)

    Visiting Tel Aviv (S2:Ep8)

    Birthright is a concept that many modern Jewish teens have to consider in their lives. On this episode of Get SChooled!, the show pays a visit to Tel Aviv in Israel with Professor Hagit-Arieli-Chai as our guide. Join us as we trace the rich history of this city, from its religious roots to its significance in contemporary Jewish society & culture. Faculty Info HEBR 120: Hebrew I (4 units) HEBR 150: Hebrew II (4 units) HEBR 220: Hebrew III (4 […]

  • Yuval Rechter

    Yuval Rechter

  • Loren Delgado

    Loren Delgado

  • Chef Eric Greenspan

    Chef Eric Greenspan

    Chef Eric Greenspan chats with host Sarah Rosenthal about the future of food delivery with his new restaurant Chino.

  • Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from Buzzfeed Unsolved

    Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from Buzzfeed Unsolved