Nick Vespe

Name: Nick Vespe
Graduation Year: 2018
Cinema and Media Studies
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Fun Fact: 
I transferred into USC! I didn’t get into the film school at first but
thought I did and had to re-apply after my first semester (never give up)!


What are you up to now?
I have been an Office Production Assistant (PA) for Power on the STARZ Network in Brooklyn and a Key Office PA for a new Netflix Zack Snyder movie, Army of the Dead. Currently, I’m a Story PA on American Idol where I travel cross country with the producers and help them film contestants (and get to film some drone shots too)!

What are the highlights of your job?
Working with American Idol has been really fun (they keep giving me promotions). It started out as a two-week job and turned into a full-time position. You never know how these things go, which is why you always have to bring a positive attitude.

How was your transition process out of USC and into the workplace?
Getting the first job was rough, but then finding work after the pandemic hit was so hard. They say half of your degree is the connections you make and it’s true. Use everyone you meet, some people are more connected than others.

How has TVTV affected your career?
Trojan Vision was a lot of fun; it really just made me want to get into it more. It also gave me the confidence to be an on-air host for this podcast I run with my brother that now has a sponsorship!

Where would you like to be in 5-10 years?
I’d like to be a Writer’s Assistant or Writer for TV. I’m trying to work my way up, but so far it’s been hard. Writer’s PA jobs are very coveted, but I’m confident in myself.

Any words of advice for students?
Just have fun and enjoy your time! You don’t realize how important these years are until you leave. Also, don’t get a big head, humble yourself every day.  

Anything else you would like to share?
If you’re a Rams fan, look up the podcast Rams Brothers: The Pod anywhere you listen to your podcasts! 🙂

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