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  • Renee Olstead

    Renee Olstead

    Hosts Griffin Meyer and Charlotte Pruett recap their Thanksgiving breaks and the biggest news stories of the break. Then, Griffin and Charlotte answer questions about each other to find out how much they have learned about each other from the beginning of the season to now. Next, singer and actress Renee Olstead performs live and sits down with Griffin and Charlotte to discuss her accomplished career and upcoming endeavors.

  • Lady Ele

  • Lost Frequencies on The Morning Brew

    For Valentine’s Day hosts Gabriella and Melicia disucss Trump, the Olympics and a Valentine’s Day love story that rivals The Notebook. Plus they play a game of Date That Mystery Celebrity! Later they, sit down with Belgium DJ Lost Frequiences to discuss his music and what it’s like to be on tour

  • USC Comedy Live! Season 5 Episode 2

    Sarah Gilman hosts USC Comedy Live on March 23, 2018, with musical guest McCall

  • Trojan Vision Live Stream

    Trojan Vision Live Stream

  • Mac Kahey on The Morning Brew

    Hosts Kelsey and Keith sit down with Mac Kahey to do a “Hot Take” on some of the most trending controversial pop culture topics. Later they discuss how Mac started his youtube channel, and how Shane Dawson and Grace Helbig were inspirations for him.

  • Mark Jonathan Harris

    Documentary filmmaker and USC professor Mark Jonathan Harris talks with host Sarah Rosenthal about the making of his latest film Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine

  • Filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang

    USC alum Andrew Thomas Huang tells host Judy Nwandu about working with musicians like Bjork in a visual medium.

  • Rusty Citrone

  • Ricki Kline

    Host Alexandra Miles sits down with interior designer Ricki Kline to talk about his process for designing some of the most famous bars in Los Angeles.

  • Guess Who’s Back?

    That’s right! Show Wizard is back out if its cage and ready to fight its rabies one episode at a time! The wind also pays a visit to the show as well as a sultry sommelier to give us the best tips on chosing fine wine we can’t afford.

  • The Twi-Down

    Things are topsy-turvy in this black and white world. Left is right, right is left, pumpkins turn into people, and something is a little off about these hosts.