Behind the Scenes @ SC: SC Well

USC is one of the most prestigious institutions in California, but its high-intensity culture comes with a burden on the student’s mental health that’s become increasingly difficult to manage in recent years, especially after the pandemic… Tune in to SC Well to hear from two people passionate about normalizing mental health discussion at USC. Maggie Lee, a junior at USC and host of the podcast “It’s Growing Season”, discusses her mental health journey with Danielle Gautt, USC’S assistant director of outreach and prevention services, who adds wisdom from her experiences supporting students from historically marginalized communities. With their help, SCWell discusses the impacts that the pandemic, USC’s environment, and even
one’s personal background and culture have on their mental well being.

Hosted by: Paulina Suarez, Class of 2022 at the USC School of Architecture and Cinematic Arts.

Guests: Danielle Gautt, Assistant Director of Outreach and Prevention Services at USC. Maggie Lee, Class of 2023 at the USC Business Administration and NGOs & Social Change, host of “It’s Growing Season!”