• Claudia Christian

  • Mark Jonathan Harris

    Documentary filmmaker and USC professor Mark Jonathan Harris talks with host Sarah Rosenthal about the making of his latest film Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine

  • Filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang

    USC alum Andrew Thomas Huang tells host Judy Nwandu about working with musicians like Bjork in a visual medium.

  • Stephen Kennes

  • Rusty Citrone

  • Ricki Kline

    Host Alexandra Miles sits down with interior designer Ricki Kline to talk about his process for designing some of the most famous bars in Los Angeles.

  • Matthew Shreder and James Felts

    The co-founders of Moviebill, Matthew Shreder and James Felts, talk to Sarah Rosenthal about their Augmenter Reality that will create an immersive experience for movie fans.

  • Sam Daly

    Actor Sam Daly chats with host Sophia Lopez about his performances in Madam Secretary and Office Uprising.

  • Rocky Seto

    Former Seattle Seahawks coach, Rocky Seto talks with host Hudson Klass about his time coaching and his transition to becoming a pastor.

  • Melody Godfred

    Fred+Far founder Melody Godfred talks about the importance of self-love with our host Sarah Rosenthal.

  • Anthony Ramos and Paul-Mikél Williams Visit The Morning Brew

    Meet your new Wednesday hosts, Melicia Johnson and Gabriella Tranchina! Plus, actor Paul-Mikél Williams chats about his new movie “The 15:17 to Paris,” and singer Anthony Ramos performs “Alright,” a new song from his upcoming “The Freedom EP.”

  • It’s a Makeover Monday on The Morning Brew with Nikita Dragun

    Hosts Charlotte Pruett and Griffin Meyer catch up on the weekend’s hot topics, including Taylor Swift’s new album, Tiffany Haddish’s debut on Saturday Night Live, and President Donald Trump’s Twitter tirade. Then, Charlotte and makeup artist and social media influencer Nikita Dragun use Nikita’s makeup techniques to give Griffin a mini-makeover. Later, Nikita sits down with Charlotte and Griffin to discuss her journey to social media stardom and her love of makeup.