Short Films and New Media

In this episode, the hosts discuss the importance of short films in the age of new media as well as a successful platform for showcasing one’s talents as a filmmaker. Additionally, the hosts view a short film created by a current USC film student. Later, Megan sits down with Norman Hollyn, the head of the editing track at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, to learn about the future of short films as they relate to new media forms.


The Contended Limits of China

China knows no boundaries when it comes to defending the placement of their borders. This week, Get SChooled! provides some insight on the ongoing territorial disputes between China and its neighboring countries. Joining us is Dr. Brett Sheehan, a Chinese history professor & the Director of the East Asian Studies Center at USC. This is an episode not to miss out on!

Dr. Brett Sheehan can be found here: