Senior Week

In a choice by the GM, Josh and Grace have been sent down to the minors in exchange for a couple of seniors. Connor McGlynn and Alex Duplessis join Chris Lopez on the desk to talk about USC football and MLB Playoffs. And don’t miss Jessica Green make her Water Cooler debut as she joins Josh Cohen and Eduardo Serpa in Studio C as the NHL regular season begins.

Balancing and Belly Dancing

Our hosts, Daniel and Yeon speak about sex-appeal and the expectations that both men and women face. Vendela teaches us how to make a Greek Kale Salad, and we keep the salad going as Yeon teaches us how to make her seductive chicken salad. Then Sandy gives some love advice in her healthdown, where she talks about finding love in the college setting. Finally, we kick it back to the studio where Daniel and Yeon interview the L.A. Bellydance Academy and our guest Stefanya takes us through a belly dance demonstration. It’s going up on a tuesday here at Balance!