• Let’s Get Physical!

    Let’s Get Physical!

    Kristen and Julia share some healthy post-workout snacks in this episode highlighting physical wellness. Amy’s Corner features freebies in LA! Later, pilates guru Stacy Millsap demonstrate simple pilates workouts that everyone can try out!

  • Ep. 61 (2/16/16): Tanna Frederick and Randal Kleiser with Elena Dole

    Ep. 61 (2/16/16): Tanna Frederick and Randal Kleiser with Elena Dole

    Tanna Frederick (Producer/Acress) and Randal Kleiser (Director/Writer) talks about the world and virtual reality and their new vr film Defrost.

  • Platforum: Worldview – Let’s Talk About Sex (#2)

    Platforum: Worldview – Let’s Talk About Sex (#2)

    Cooper Surrett (Co-Founder of Kinky Trojans), Evan Pensis (USC Office of Wellness and Health Promotion) and Nys Trejo talk about sex and sexuality in college on this episode of Plaforum: Worldview hosted by Dylan DeLuca.

  • Mind Games: “Technically a Game Show”

    Mind Games: “Technically a Game Show”

    The Alumni Chair of the USC Triathlon team versus USC Triathlon Alumni! Who will win!

  • The Morning Brew Hosts “Roo” App Creator Andrew

    The Morning Brew Hosts “Roo” App Creator Andrew

    In this weeks episode, Laura and Anisha discuss the new Tesla for kids and our correspondent Camille talks Grammy’s fashion. For the interview, the hosts talk to Andrew, the creator of the “Roo” app, which he describes as “waze for bar hopping!”

  • Angela Cross

    Angela Cross

    Soundstage presents: Angela Cross. LA-based singer-songwriter and fellow Trojan, Angela talks about her musical experience and her creative process. Tune in for another week of amazing tunes!

  • Lindsey Pelas Joins Sophie and Drew on The Morning Brew

    Lindsey Pelas Joins Sophie and Drew on The Morning Brew

    Today, we are catching you up on everything you need to know about what went down last night at the 2016 Grammy Awards. And, model, actress, and social media influencer Lindsey Pelas is in the studio to talk about her spotlight career. She has even got Sophie and Drew working up a sweat with her exercises!

  • RJ Mitte Joins Grace and Tommy on The Morning Brew

    RJ Mitte Joins Grace and Tommy on The Morning Brew

    In the first Friday show of the season, Grace and Tommy speak with Breaking Bad actor R.J. Mitte about his acting experience and upcoming role in the film “Who’s Driving Doug.” Tune in for a Grammy preview, a Democratic debate recap, and our hosts’ thoughts on Game of Thrones and Kanye!

  • Courtenay Taylor Joins Brandon and Sophia on The Morning Brew

    There’s no better way to introduce the versatility of our hosts Brandon Courture and Sophia Lopez by bringing you the latest news. From gravitational waves to Courteny Taylor’s voice acting techniques in video games like Fallout, this episode has it all!

  • Platforum: Highbrow/Lowbrow – From Taylor to Kendrick (#1)

    Mikael Wood of the LA Times joins Alison Omon and Ramiro Mosquera of KXSC Radio on the panel to talk about the 2016 Grammy Awards. How did the event contribute to the broader dialogue surrounded race in America? How much do the Grammys really matter, and how objective can they really ever be? See what everyone had to see on this wonderful episode of Highbrow/Lowbrow hosted by Maggie Hardy.

  • Platforum: International (#2) – Foreign Policy & the 2016 Election

    Dr. Steven Lamy, Professor of International Relationsa as well as USC’s Vice-Dean of Academic Programs, comes on the show to discuss the foreign policy of the 2016 presidential candidates. Where do the candidates stand on global issues, and how much does the American public really care? Keep up with the conversation on Twitter @platforumTV, too!

  • Sammy Olson Joins Anisha and Laura on The Morning Brew

    Sammy Olson Joins Anisha and Laura on The Morning Brew

    Sammy Olson joins The Morning Brew to talk about her experience on Trojan Dance Force.



  • In a Picture: A Snapshot of Photojournalism In the Digital Age (S2:Ep1)

    The season opens with show host Madeleine Benn interviewing Professor Miki Turner, an award-winning photojournalist, producer, and author. Check out as Professor Turner charts the journey that her photos have taken her through and explores photography’s role in social justice! Faculty Info! Air Date: February 9, 2018

  • Matthew Shreder and James Felts

    The co-founders of Moviebill, Matthew Shreder and James Felts, talk to Sarah Rosenthal about their Augmenter Reality that will create an immersive experience for movie fans.

  • Sam Daly

    Actor Sam Daly chats with host Sophia Lopez about his performances in Madam Secretary and Office Uprising.

  • Rocky Seto

    Former Seattle Seahawks coach, Rocky Seto talks with host Hudson Klass about his time coaching and his transition to becoming a pastor.

  • Melody Godfred

    Fred+Far founder Melody Godfred talks about the importance of self-love with our host Sarah Rosenthal.

  • Anthony Ramos and Paul-Mikél Williams Visit The Morning Brew

    Meet your new Wednesday hosts, Melicia Johnson and Gabriella Tranchina! Plus, actor Paul-Mikél Williams chats about his new movie “The 15:17 to Paris,” and singer Anthony Ramos performs “Alright,” a new song from his upcoming “The Freedom EP.”

  • Are We Done Yet?

    It feels like we’ve been really consistently providing you some good quality guests and we’re really just wondering if we can be done with that, yet? Nope. Okay! We’ve got a private investigator, pregnant man, and even a floating head. Satisfied?

  • Oops! We Forgot to Write a Show!

    Almost fooled you, huh? You thought we didn’t write a show. Well we did. And we asked the tough questions this week. Like why is Haley’s cousin undressing people on air? Why do women get turned down at the beer pong table? And, most importantly is it an apple or it is a puppy?

  • Guess Who’s Back?

    That’s right! Show Wizard is back out if its cage and ready to fight its rabies one episode at a time! The wind also pays a visit to the show as well as a sultry sommelier to give us the best tips on chosing fine wine we can’t afford.

  • The Twi-Down

    Things are topsy-turvy in this black and white world. Left is right, right is left, pumpkins turn into people, and something is a little off about these hosts.

  • Dan, Interrupted

    Dan takes his shirt off. Dan kisses girls. Dan has an existential crisis. Haley is also a host on the show.

  • It’s a Makeover Monday on The Morning Brew with Nikita Dragun

    Hosts Charlotte Pruett and Griffin Meyer catch up on the weekend’s hot topics, including Taylor Swift’s new album, Tiffany Haddish’s debut on Saturday Night Live, and President Donald Trump’s Twitter tirade. Then, Charlotte and makeup artist and social media influencer Nikita Dragun use Nikita’s makeup techniques to give Griffin a mini-makeover. Later, Nikita sits down with Charlotte and Griffin to discuss her journey to social media stardom and her love of makeup.