Fall 2022 | 19115R | Thursdays, 12:30-2:50pm

Trojan Vision’s Game Show Production class began the semester with nothing but a blank page, as Professors JD Roth and Kenneth Johnson encouraged students to use their imaginations to create a game show from scratch.┬áNow, the course has designed and developed a riveting game show called “Roomie Rivals,” a hilarious show that tests just how well roommates know each other! The ideation of the game show was finally executed this past week, as 409 students shot the pilot episode of their new show, which will now undergo post-production to prepare for improvements for next semester. This semester’s pilot will air in May on Facebook!

Interested in game show television? Sign up for CTPR 409 in the fall, so that you can help to produce Roomie Rivals!


Instructor: JD Roth, Ken Johnson
SA: Clare Babski