Mind Games



Mind Games is South L.A.’s #1 TV Game Show, airing live at 1:30 PM on Tuesdays. Two contestants play three rounds of trivia against each other to achieve the best score. They’ll face the pressures of the clock, decipher clues, and strategize to block out their opponent–all while trying to beat their opponent to the buzzer.

Follow us on Twitter @USCMindGames and play Twitter Clue IQ! Buzz in from home to play along with the live Clue IQ broadcast. First clue goes out on Fridays during the show, so get your fingers ready to type in your guesses!

Be a contestant! Email us at mindgames@trojanvision.com if you would like to appear on the show.

Contact the showrunners here:

Brandon Marsh | Kai Sampadian | Ishaan Singh

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