CTPR 409: Practicum in Television Production introduces you to the basic concepts of multicamera television production. You’ll learn and practice the process of creating and producing a television show for streaming on social media.

Enrolling in CTPR 409 does not require any television production experience. All the skills you need to successfully complete this course are taught in class.

This fall, CTPR 409 will be a hybrid class, with some sessions taking place online and others in the studio. There will be six sections taking place at the following times:

Monday4:30 – 6:50pm2.0
Tuesday9:00 – 11:20am2.0
Tuesday4:30 – 6:50pm2.0
Wednesday9:00 – 11:20am2.0
Thursday4:30 – 6:50pm2.0
Friday9:00 – 11:20am2.0

To learn more about CTPR 409 and how to register, click here.

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Sophia Arnao