• A Simulation

    Cam and Mind Game’s Joseph take on the daunting task of building the Trojan Arcade family in The Sims. Does it work or do they crash and burn horribly? Find out tonight.

  • Wildlands

    We recruited On The Spot’s host Matt Linton to come on and talk about the latest in the Tom Clancy series of games: Ghost Recon Wildlands. Is it any good? Find out through our review and playthrough!!

  • The Cam Show: Starring Cam

    For this episode, we told Cam to do whatever he wants. So, he came back to us with his Vlog from PAX East, a rap about the new Legend of Zelda, and a review of that game. Check it out.

  • GDC Version 3

    For the third year in a row, we send our team up to San Franscico to cover the one and only Game Developers Conference. Then, we review Sony’s latest orginal IP – Horizon: Zero Dawn. Does it live up to the hype, find out on Trojan Arcade.

  • It’s Just So Steep!

    Bad puns aside, we take another run at a skiing special. Back in big bear, Wolfgang and Sam compete in all the different challenges that James can throw their way. And while they are having fun on the mountain, James struggles to find purpose playing Ubisoft’s Steep.

  • Fight for WHAT now?

    To celebrate the release of the medieval fighting game For Honor, we sent our hosts out to be trained by the USC fencing team. Are they any good? No, and thats half the fun. We also have a review of the previously mentioned sword fighting game and, suprise, its actually pretty good. Finally, we thought you might not have had enough of the Playstation Experience, so we serving up a healthy second portion.

  • HEY, Where did the old hosts go!!

    New season of Trojan Arcade, with all new discussion panel (if you count James as new, which we do since it has been over a season). Join our hosts as we review Ubisoft’s not new at all Watch Dog’s 2. Then later, we sent our unpaid interns down to Anaheim to cover the second annual Playstation Experience. And finally, can our Georgia born Exective Producer finally get some much needed football revenge against the New England Patriots when our hosts […]

  • The Morning Brew Is Back at It Again with the White Vans

    Hosts Brogan and Charlotte discuss the latest in entertainment news and are joined in the studio by the “Damn, Daniel” duo Josh Holz and Daniel Lara. They play a fun game of “Celebrity Tinder” and sit down for an interview to discuss what their lives are like in the wake of being viral video stars.

  • Alli Simpson Visits The Morning Brew

    In case you hadn’t heard, Blake Shelton was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2017, and our hosts were inspired to take a trip down memory lane. Watch Trevor and Rick try to guess “Were They, or Weren’t They?” People’s Sexiest Person Alive. Then, multi-talented artist Alli Simpson joins us for a beautiful performance of her new song, “I Won’t Remember You Tomorrow,” and talks all things about her career, family, and future!

  • Adam McArthur Says What? on The Morning Brew

    On this episode of The Morning Brew, hosts Anissa and Keith discuss the results of the World Series, Jelena getting back together, and a 400-pound headless tuna?! Then, they are joined by voice actor Adam McArthur of DisneyXD’s Star vs. The Forces of Evil for an impressions game and an interview!

  • Asia Monet Wakes up with The Morning Brew

    Anissa Claiborne and Keith Demolder bring you your Thursday morning news, including the death of an icon and a wedding at Costco! Asia Monet stops by later to play “Two Tweets and a Lie” and talk about her blossoming career as a singer.

  • On with the Evil Twin

    In this episode of On the Spot, Matt has been replaced by his evil twin. Chaos ensues, improv is performed, and valuable lessons are learned.