Keeping LGBTQ History Alive (S2:Ep4)

The vibrant history of the LGBTQ community teems with voices and stories encapsulating their struggle at recognition, their endurance in the face of harassment, and their everlasting legacy on society. It was the vision of archivist Jim Kepner to preserve the personal accounts, historically influential documents, and artistic endeavors of this community, lest they be forgotten. And it is a mission that the ONE Archives library carries on to this day. Library director Dr. Joseph Hawkins joins Get SChooled! as we explore the importance concealed within this hidden gem of South L.A.

Visit the ONE Archives Library!

Faculty Info

Courses taught:
ANTH 263g: Exploring Culture Through Film (4 units)
SWMS 425: Queer Los Angeles (4 units)

Air date: March 2, 2018



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