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CTPR 409 and Trojan Vision

CTPR 409 is open to ALL students from ANY school or department in the university. There are NO prerequisite requirements for this class.

  • Enroll in CTPR 409 and learn to make TV!
  • Get involved with Trojan Vision
  • Work your way up to become a Show-runner
  • Auditions to be a host or correspondent.Auditions held at the beginning of each semester. Please check our Facebook page for updates.

CTPR 409: Practicum in Television Production is a laboratory course that works directly with Trojan Vision to produce shows.

CTPR 409, “The Trojan Vision Class” turns students into television producers who put real shows on-the-air. Assuming you have no studio experience, you’ll learn how to work a camera, generate graphics, direct a show, book guests, run audio, and brief hosts. There are even on-camera opportunities. Class times are flexible and designed to be built around your other commitments.

Through the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the class can be taken for 2-4 units per semester and can be taken multiple times. It is offered every fall and spring semester. See the official schedule of classes for more details.