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  • Blockbuster Trade

    Blockbuster Trade

    Demarcus Cousins was traded to New Orleans giving the Pelicans the best back court in he league. Who won the trade? How will they fare ? USC prospects at the combine, who will shine

  • Sacko Trophy

    Sacko Trophy

    The Patriots won the Super Bow! It must be a ruse. Yes, Josh is in depression now, but New Englanders are living high and mighty after that super bowl win. The only thing more exciting was the championship parade after, where our hosts caption the best photos of the event.

  • NBA All-Star Weekend

    NBA All-Star Weekend

    NBA All-Star weekend is here, and the gang is ready to give their predictions on who will win the Slam Dunk Contest and the rest of the weekend’s festivities. Hosts Josh Cohen, Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez continue the debate on the Raiders’ relocation saga, and newcomers Kendrick Rhee and Luis Vidaurri make their debuts in Studio C to ask the question, “Which Isaiah Thomas is better?

  • Patriots Alternative Facts

    The Cooler is back, and hosts Josh Cohen, Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez are gearing up for Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Season Finale

    Season Finale

    It’s the last episode of 2016, and we’re all happy to see it go. Hosts Grace Marlowe, Chris Lopez and Josh Cohen take a look at how the College Football season played out, and how it can change going forward. Later, Jess Green and Michael Luisi join the desk in a segment of “Hockey Player, or Homeless Man?”

  • USC Football Is Back

    USC Football Is Back

    The Trojans pulled it off, and hosts Josh Cohen, Chris Lopez and Grace Marlowe couldn’t be happier about it. They break down whether USC has a chance at the Pac-12 Title. Later, Alex Duplessis, Connor McGlynn and Michael Luisi take a look at the NFL’s biggest storylines of the week.

  • I Love Basketball

    I Love Basketball

    The NBA regular season is back in full swing, and Metta World Peace, Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez couldn’t be happier. USC Football also has their biggest game of the season with Washington tomorrow, and the guys break it down. Later, we take a look at the social media impact players have on their careers.

  • Thursday Night Football

    Thursday Night Football

    The Trojans are coming off of a stellar performance in a Thursday Night Thriller, and host Josh Cohen alongisde analysts Chris Lopez and Grace Marlowe break down what it will take for the Trojans to keep fighting their way to the top of the Pac-12 South. Later, John Marcus and Michael Luisi give their World Series predictions and break down the history of all of the Chicago Cubs’ curses.

  • NBA Season Preview

    NBA Season Preview

    Get ready, the NBA season is about to begin and hosts Josh Cohen, Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez tell us their favorite teams and palyers for the upcoming year in another great fill in the blank segment. Later, Max Goldwasser and Alex Duplessis give their NFL Rookie Report Cards and Hockey Time returns with Jess Green and Michael Luisi.

  • Senior Week

    Senior Week

    In a choice by the GM, Josh and Grace have been sent down to the minors in exchange for a couple of seniors. Connor McGlynn and Alex Duplessis join Chris Lopez on the desk to talk about USC football and MLB Playoffs. And don’t miss Jessica Green make her Water Cooler debut as she joins Josh Cohen and Eduardo Serpa in Studio C as the NHL regular season begins.

  • We Need to Talk

    We Need to Talk

    Josh Cohen alongisde Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez break down the sports topics of the week. We also bring out a new segment, “We Need to Talk,” and pick which athletes need a stern hand to stay in line. Later, Max Goldwasser and Michael Luisi break down the division series of baseball playoffs.

  • Farewell, Vin and Jose

    Farewell, Vin and Jose

    Analysts Grace Marlowe and Chris Lopez join Host Josh Cohen in remembering Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, as well as bidding farewell to famous Dodgers Broadcast Vin Scully. Later, Alex Duplessis and Connor McGlynn give some hot takes on NFL Overreactions.