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  • Are We Done Yet?

    It feels like we’ve been really consistently providing you some good quality guests and we’re really just wondering if we can be done with that, yet? Nope. Okay! We’ve got a private investigator, pregnant man, and even a floating head. Satisfied?

  • Oops! We Forgot to Write a Show!

    Almost fooled you, huh? You thought we didn’t write a show. Well we did. And we asked the tough questions this week. Like why is Haley’s cousin undressing people on air? Why do women get turned down at the beer pong table? And, most importantly is it an apple or it is a puppy?

  • Guess Who’s Back?

    That’s right! Show Wizard is back out if its cage and ready to fight its rabies one episode at a time! The wind also pays a visit to the show as well as a sultry sommelier to give us the best tips on chosing fine wine we can’t afford.

  • The Twi-Down

    Things are topsy-turvy in this black and white world. Left is right, right is left, pumpkins turn into people, and something is a little off about these hosts.

  • Dan, Interrupted

    Dan takes his shirt off. Dan kisses girls. Dan has an existential crisis. Haley is also a host on the show.

  • Weather, Old People What More Could you Want?

    There’s an old person on the show. Mortality? You bet. Our weather correspondent is as inaccurate as always and there are twins.

  • There’s A Dad On the Show?

    There’s A Dad On the Show?

    Haley and our resident Dad joke expert share a bond Dan can never understand. Traffic seems pretty black and white this week. Dan teaches Haley accents and the difference between Snowflakes and Turkeys.

  • They Keep Trying: The Show Wizard Comes to Town

    They Keep Trying: The Show Wizard Comes to Town

    Haley and Dan meet the Show Wizard–a rabies infested new friend. A jealous pee jar decides now is the time to incite la révolution. Haley preps for an earthquake while Dan gets his first bar mitzvah. A rejected ISIS recruit makes us all wish we hadn’t been born in this generation.

  • Meet Cute: Haley Learns What Love Is

    Meet Cute: Haley Learns What Love Is

    Haley meets her new co-host Dan (not Daniel) and begins her quest for romance. Meanwhile Dan prepares for his debut at the most reputable local news station this side of the Prime Meridian. Oh and Haley goes grocery shopping.