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  • And That May Have Been the News

    And That May Have Been the News

    The Breakdown is poorer than Oliver Twist! How do we raise money to continue this completely “professional” show?? Stay tuned or we hope you get coal for Christmas!

  • President Cheeto

    President Cheeto

    Sorry no political satire today or I might get arrested! Woops! Kidding! Humor is still alive and so is this show! Hurray!

  • Tiny Teds

    Tiny Teds

    Finally we are somewhat respectable! We have some tiny ted talks for you today, a vegan rapper, and all the way from Brexit- Humpty Dumpty!

  • Mr. Bone’s Breakdown Emporium

    Mr. Bone’s Breakdown Emporium

    I can’t promise this will make you laugh, but every bone of your body will shiver from this week’s Halloween episode! Seriously, laugh, or we’ll break your funny bone! Muah ha ha!

  • Down ‘n Dirty

    Down ‘n Dirty

    Ever wanted a stenographer to follow you around? What about an anal environmentalist telling you to recycle every minute? Yeah, neither do we. Watch how we handled it on this week’s episode of The Breakdown.

  • Let’s Start Bangin’

    Let’s Start Bangin’

    Jesus, is Jewish Judy back already? Ft. a plethora of election related sexual jokes.

  • Second Time’s the Charm

    Second Time’s the Charm

    Beyonce, Ghosts, Senators, and Apple, what could go wrong?

  • Who Let the Breakdown Out?

    Who Let the Breakdown Out?

    Where’s Haley? Who’s Elana? Why am I writing something you may or may not read?