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  • And that May Have Been the News

    And that May Have Been the News

    Are you also crying because it’s The Breakdown’s Season 4 finale?! Same. But don’t you fret sweet, sweet child because this episode is sure to make you hyped and energized! Tune in to see the wackiest episode that ever been attempted and mastered!

  • WTF did I just watch?

    WTF did I just watch?

    That’s right. WTF was up with the singing and the candy, and the bodily fluids? This episode is sure to either give you your first sexual awakening, a good life lesson, or make you utterly disgusted. Either way- it’s worth it.

  • Positively Negative

    Positively Negative

    HIV, a clueless man, a child,and a philanthropist enter into a bar..wait was it The Breakdown? Who knows. Tune in to our worst dream coming to life in this week’s episode of The Breakdown.

  • Los Secretos

    Los Secretos

    A fight over some oreos, a murder, and some lunatic lady. Are you wathcing your grandma’s telenovela again? Nope. Just your weekly dose of The Breakdown.

  • April fooled ya

    April fooled ya

    Ben’s a therapist, A prankster travels through time, and Small talk is finally explained

  • Heroin the Heroine

    Heroin the Heroine

    With a shot from Heroin the Heroine, this week’s episode of The Breakdown is sure to get you high.. on emotions!!! From people passing out to a bunny shooting, what more could you every possibly want? Some sanity!? Give me a break.

  • T-H-E B-R-E-A-K-D-O-W-N

    T-H-E B-R-E-A-K-D-O-W-N

    Let’s see who can spell their way through this week’s episode of The Breakdown. Will it be the temp, Ben, the goldfish, or some *&!#$!!^ parents?! Who knows???

  • A Bunce and a Dunce

    A Bunce and a Dunce

    Once there was two hosts, who tried to make the most of their show. They dealt with hooligans and reporters, and wished they had a morter. I promise you won’t frown if you turn into this week’s episode of The Breakdown!

  • Who’s who?

    Who’s who?

    Without even flying back home, you’ll get that “sweet” grandma touch from Jewish Judy, a girl who resembles your hormonal tween sister, and a pair of twins.

  • Ben and Elana 5ever

    Ben and Elana 5ever

    Haley, the temp, realizes that the spotlight is shinning a little too bright on her wise-crack co-host, Ben. Will she gain even a little bit of warmth from the light and her cold-hearted co-worker?

  • Caucus Blockus

    Caucus Blockus

    This week the Breakdown was hosted by Ben and our new host, Haley. Haley and Ben got to meet one of the famous Trump girls who looked suspiciously troubled, a man who broke down the caucus rules, and a woman who worships wine. What more can we say.