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  • A Zucchini is a Gourd

    Did you know a zucchini is a gourd? We didn’t either! Check out our gourd episode for some fun fall recipes.

  • Stay Caffeinated, Trojans!

    It’s midterm season and, honestly, staying awake is the biggest struggle. Stay alert with these coffee-infused recipes!

  • Spin on Sandwiches

    Level up from your standard PB&J with these unique and easy sandwich recipes.

  • Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

    We’re thinking pink this episode, cooking up some pink recipes for breast cancer awareness.

  • Comfort Foods

    Comfort Foods

    Maddy and Mindy serve up some sweet comfort food recipes to warm your homesick heart.

  • Trojan Tailgate Treats

    Trojan Tailgate Treats

    Hungry before gameday? Try out these treats made especially for Trojan Tailgates!

  • Early April Fools

    Early April Fools

    It may be early, but Mara and Sarah were too excited for April Fool’s Day. In this episode, they put together foods with fun twists. Everything is not what it seems!

  • Potatoes Be Poppin’

    Potatoes Be Poppin’

    Mara and Sarah know their favorite starch. It’s the humble potato. But this week, potatoes have gone wild and taken over the studio. Let’s watch them try and corral them.

  • Gourmet Picnic

    Gourmet Picnic

    Gone are the days of simple sandwiches and chips during a picnic. Mara and Sarah are taking picnics to the next level with classy foods for any outdoor gathering.

  • V-Day Brunch 4 U

    V-Day Brunch 4 U

    Nothing says Valentine’s day like indulging on yourself. Mara and Sarah do just that when they make brunch foods to share together. (Aww!)

  • Super Bowl Showdown

    Super Bowl Showdown

    To bring in the new semester of Delish, new hosts Mara and Sarah tackle foods inspired by America’s sport: football.

  • Food for Santa

    Food for Santa

    For the grand finale, Rick and Sadie prepare for the one and only Santa Claus the only way they know how: making his favorite food.