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  • Balance Learns Occupational Therapy

    This week, Balance talks to Marissa Marchioni from the USC Occupational Therapy faculty practice to learn more about the lesser known, but super beneficial, OT services available to students!

  • Balance Takes Bollywood!

    Bombay Jam & BollyPilates instructor Nikita Shirsat shows us some of her moves in studio.

  • Energize your mind and body with Pop Pilates in Studio!

    Energize your mind and body with Pop Pilates in Studio!

    This week, Emily & Gracie interview Tricialee Friedman from Pop Pilates – check out how it changed her life and how you can do it too! Bonus points if you try out Hima’s awesome fast fall recipe!

  • Study Break with Studio 262!

    Study Break with Studio 262!

    The Balance team talks sleeping and snacking right during midterm season and works out with Brandi Polk from Studio 262!

  • Balance in Review

    Balance in Review

    As we look back on a successful Season 9, Balance wanted to hit on the main points of what makes a person healthy before going on a break. Showrunner, Madeline Bhaskar, joined our hosts again and led them on a Lady Gaga inspired ab workout. The team of producers then compiled a video where they talked about what healthy tips they learned this season and their favorite Balance moments. After working out, Daniel and Yeon were joined with Youtube vlogger […]

  • Fitness Through the Ages

    Fitness Through the Ages

    Social media is influencing the way we workout and how we perceive body image. Balance decides to look at the pros and cons of how social media and technology is changing the way we view fitness. Showrunner, Madeline Bhaskar, filled in for Daniel this episode and joined Yeon in leading a Beyonc√© inspired workout as celebrity workouts are filling up the internet. Madeline also went to Huntington Beach to do a Color Run where Balance joined her and captured the […]

  • Semester Slump

    Semester Slump

    Instead of letting the middle of the semester get us down, Balance decides to tackle the problem head on! Daniel and Yeon try new techniques in order to get student out the end of the semester drag. Yeon walks us through how to do a chair workout to show you can fit in a workout even if your motivation to visit the gym is lacking. Daniel and Yeon are joined with massage therapist Tammy Langenburg from Massage Therapy LA. Together, […]

  • Finding the Fun in Fitness

    Finding the Fun in Fitness

    Description: Daniel and Yeon try new and exciting ways to exercise in order to keep finding that motivation to workout. Yeon makes a decadent apple cobbler, while Sandy on the Healthdown gives us tips on how to mentally prepare for a workout. Daniel and Yeon then did an interview and an adrenaline-pumping workout with the creator and founder of Plyojam. Plyojam is an exciting cardio, dance fitness. They definitely worked up a sweat, while finding the fun it fitness.  

  • Having Fun with Cardio

    Having Fun with Cardio

    Our hosts, Daniel and Yeon take on the eighth wonder of the world…Cadio! They speak about how you can stay motivated and have fun working out. Then Daniel goes over some super foods to help keep your workout game on fleek! Then on Sandy’s Healthdown, she tells us how she makes working out fun! Then we bring on our special guest: Karrin Moldrem, a Fitness Coordinator from USC, and she teaches us how to keep our bodies moving with her […]

  • Nutritious and Delicious

    Nutritious and Delicious

    Our hosts, Daniel and Yeon speak about how they live such a healthy and well life. Michael and Delaney take us on a hike, and Sandy speaks about mindful eating. Then Daniel takes us on a fitness journey with his swole corner showing us simple ways to work out without having to go to the gym. Then Daniel and Yeon interview Chef Babette Davis, owner of Stuff I Eat, who after whips up some yummy and delicious vegan desserts.

  • Balancing and Belly Dancing

    Balancing and Belly Dancing

    Our hosts, Daniel and Yeon speak about sex-appeal and the expectations that both men and women face. Vendela teaches us how to make a Greek Kale Salad, and we keep the salad going as Yeon teaches us how to make her seductive chicken salad. Then Sandy gives some love advice in her healthdown, where she talks about finding love in the college setting. Finally, we kick it back to the studio where Daniel and Yeon interview the L.A. Bellydance Academy […]

  • Pump It Up

    Pump It Up

    Our hosts, Daniel and Yeon speak about their fitness goals for the year, and share ways in which they keep the blood pumping to their muscles. Vendela teaches us how to make some yummy high-protein food. Then things get spicy as Yeon teaches Daniel and Sandy a glute workout that is sure to get your derrier noticed. After, Sandy talks about games that keep your mind strong and we close the show with Cross Fit Trainer: Rich Munton, who works […]