Adulthood or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Start Adulting (S2:Ep.3)

Dr. Kimberly Morris-Eggleston offers some guidance for all the young college students grappling with the most confusing phase of life, transitioning into adulthood. In the midst of expanding one’s mind by learning the arts, humanities, and sciences, sometimes the practical activities – doing taxes, self-care, applying for a mortage – are neglected to be taught. Dr. Kim takes the time to expound upon the importance of learning these activities to become self-reliant, gain better confidence, and help navigate through the career indecisiveness that afflicts many young adults.

Faculty Info

OT 220 video

OT 220: Lifestyle Design: Introduction to Occupational Therapy (2 units)
OT 280: Essential Occupations of Emerging Adulthood (2 units)
OT 310: Creativity Workshop (2 units)

Air Date: 2/23/2018



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