The longest running and most successful scripted series in Trojan Vision’s storied history, as well as its only one currently in production, underGRAD tells the story of a university, the students that go there, and the adventures they get into along the way.  Set at an unspecified prestigious Los Angeles university, each year-long season of the dramatic comedy chronicles the lives of an ever-changing group of students as they weave their way through the ups and downs of college life and ultimately discover the things that make the life of an undergrad truly unique.

Showrunners Evan Iwata (Critical Studies ’13) and Nick Rodriguez (Screenwriting ’13) began development of the series in May 2010, and the first season went into production the following September with a small yet dedicated cast and crew. It finally premiered on March 31, 2011.

The underGRAD team has not stopped working since, and in the last two academic years have produced two seasons of eight half-hour episodes each. The show’s workforce has grown to be comprised of over two dozen crew members, ten main cast members, and countless other volunteers in various supporting roles, and the team as a whole is now an officially recognized USG Student Organization. underGRAD is the best and only opportunity for Trojan Vision volunteers interested in narrative writing, performance directing, and other aspects unique to episodic storytelling.

The show is now entering production on its third season, set to premiere this spring, with a $1200+ budget and more ambitious goals than ever before. In the meantime, the series can be seen from the very beginning at 7:30 PM every Thursday on Trojan Vision, with episode reruns from both seasons airing TBA.

underGRAD is a series made for college students, by college students, and about college students, and members of the USC community won’t be hard pressed to find the cast and crew hard at work filming on campus almost every weekend. The makers of the series are dedicated to delivering an honest yet entertaining perspective on what the life of a college student is really like, and viewers are almost guaranteed to find a character or two they strongly relate with… which leaves us with but one question:

Are YOU an underGRAD?
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Interested in joining the underGRAD cast or crew? Email the executive producers at <underproductions00@gmail.com>