• Summer Bishil Visits The Morning Brew

    Summer Bishil Visits The Morning Brew

    Hosts Gabriella and Melicia talk about today’s current events ranging from the Trump Bump Stocks Ban to a potential romance between Black Panther stars Lupita Nyong’o and Michael B. Jordan. They play an Oscars edition of Heads up with guest Summer Bishil before they sit down and chat with her about her show “The Magicians” on Syfy.  

  • BAUM Performs Her New Single on The Morning Brew

    BAUM Performs Her New Single on The Morning Brew

    Singer-songwriter BAUM performs her songs “Hot Water” and “This Body” live in-studio. Hosts Keren Celeste and Sami Sadoff chat with the talented artist before she hits SXSW and her EP drop next month.

  • Lost Frequencies on The Morning Brew

    Lost Frequencies on The Morning Brew

    For Valentine’s Day hosts Gabriella and Melicia disucss Trump, the Olympics and a Valentine’s Day love story that rivals The Notebook. Plus they play a game of Date That Mystery Celebrity! Later they, sit down with Belgium DJ Lost Frequiences to discuss his music and what it’s like to be on tour.

  • Spencer Ludwig drops by The Morning Brew

    Spencer Ludwig drops by The Morning Brew

    Hosts Keren Celeste and Sami Sadoff sit down with musician, Spencer Ludwig to discuss his new music video and killer style.

  • Clowning Around for a Purpose (S2:Ep7)

    Clowning Around for a Purpose (S2:Ep7)

    Professor Zachary Steel prescribes a dose of the best medicine there is – laughter – this week on Get SChooled! But more importantly, Professor Steel shares the times when his clowning experience brought forth joy to hospital patients, both young and old. By offering an in-depth look into the field of medical clowning, this episode is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Faculty Info Courses Taught: THTR 101: Introduction to Acting (4 units) THTR 122: Improvisation and Theatre […]

  • Observational Intuition v. Statistical Knowledge (S2:Ep6)

    Observational Intuition v. Statistical Knowledge (S2:Ep6)

    From determining whether a coin is weighted to whether a breast cancer screening results are a false positive, statistics play an instrumental role in everyday life, as well as with major business undertakings such as oil drilling. This week on Get SChooled!, Dr. Phil Rogers illustrates that notion by demonstrating the importance of empirical data in assessing factual observations. Faculty Info Courses Taught: BUAD 310g: Applied Business Statistics (4 units) Air Date: March 23, 2018

  • The Importance of Gratitude (S2:Ep5)

    The Importance of Gratitude (S2:Ep5)

    In the realm of business corporations, managers vie for maximum performance from all their employees. While many managers rely on the traditional methods to draw the best out of their workers, one alternative method has typically been overlooked: appreciation. Dr. Glenn Fox, head of the USC Performance Science Institute, appears on Get SChooled! to expand upon the the beneficial impact of gratitude not only on a worker’s performance but also on one’s life as well. Faculty Info Performance Science Podcast […]

  • Keeping LGBTQ History Alive (S2:Ep4)

    Keeping LGBTQ History Alive (S2:Ep4)

    The vibrant history of the LGBTQ community teems with voices and stories encapsulating their struggle at recognition, their endurance in the face of harassment, and their everlasting legacy on society. It was the vision of archivist Jim Kepner to preserve the personal accounts, historically influential documents, and artistic endeavors of this community, lest they be forgotten. And it is a mission that the ONE Archives library carries on to this day. Library director Dr. Joseph Hawkins joins Get SChooled! as […]

  • Adulthood or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Start Adulting (S2:Ep.3)

    Adulthood or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Start Adulting (S2:Ep.3)

    Dr. Kimberly Morris-Eggleston offers some guidance for all the young college students grappling with the most confusing phase of life, transitioning into adulthood. In the midst of expanding one’s mind by learning the arts, humanities, and sciences, sometimes the practical activities – doing taxes, self-care, applying for a mortage – are neglected to be taught. Dr. Kim takes the time to expound upon the importance of learning these activities to become self-reliant, gain better confidence, and help navigate through the […]

  • Platforum Presents: REVRY, the World’s First Queer Streaming Service!

    Join host Jane Keranen and co-founders of RERY, Damian Pelliccione and Alia J. Daniels for an exciting look into the world’s first LGBTQ+ streaming service and a discussion about LGBTQ+ representation in media today.

  • Lady Ele

  • Royal & the Serpent Premieres Single on The Morning Brew

    Hosts Melicia and Gabriella play a game of Would You Rather: USC Edition. Singer-songwriter Royal & the Serpent performes her single “Father” for the first time. Later she joins the hosts to talk about her career, her music, and her performance at the Mint