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Fight for WHAT now?

To celebrate the release of the medieval fighting game For Honor, we sent our hosts out to be trained by the USC fencing team. Are they any good? No, and thats half the fun. We also have a review of the previously mentioned sword fighting game and, suprise, its actually pretty good. Finally, we thought you might not have had enough of the Playstation Experience, so we serving up a healthy second portion.

HEY, Where did the old hosts go!!

New season of Trojan Arcade, with all new discussion panel (if you count James as new, which we do since it has been over a season). Join our hosts as we review Ubisoft’s not new at all Watch Dog’s 2. Then later, we sent our unpaid interns down to Anaheim to cover the second annual Playstation Experience. And finally, can our Georgia born Exective Producer finally get some much needed football revenge against the New England Patriots when our hosts play Madden 17 to try to resimulate the super bowl.

It’s Just So Indie

For the second year in the row, we cover Indiecade, but this time it is on our home turph. See the latest games and how they stack up to their triple A breathern – hint, they ate a lot more indie. Then later, we have a review for a simulation first person shooter that brings you to the most brutal comflict in human history: World War 1. How can someone turn this human attrocity into something fun and thrilling, we didn’t know either until we played Battlefield 1. Trust us, you “Argone” to love it. That was a World War I pun. See, we can make it fun too!!!

They Live!!

What happens when you give the Trojan Arcade team two months to work on one episode? You get an amazing episode jam-packed with content! We got E3 covered, an interview with some of the top IMAX filmmakers in the world, and a review of the latest smartphone from HTC. Check out our new hosts while getting a healthy, and sadly final, dose of Wolfgang with all of our amazing segments.

The Wolf of Figueroa Street

Not only is it the last episode of season 3, its also Wolfgang’s last episode hosting Trojan Arcade. To celebrate, we team up with Mind Games for a special Trojan Arcade / Mind Games crossover. Then, we check out the latest trailer for Supergiant Games’ Pyre – a game which is only Giant in size. And finally, we celebrate our favorite moments with Wolfgang over the last year