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  • On the Valentine’s Day

    On the Valentine’s Day

    On the Spot’s most romantic episode ever. This week, we celebrate a festival of love (and loneliness) with everyone’s favorite aphrodisiac, improv!

  • On with the Divorce Party

    On with the Divorce Party

    In this episode of On the Spot, Matt moonlights as an anatomy instructor, Joe suffers hare loss, Kristen is an evil frog, Kim mourns the dead dog, and Jacob teaches the gang that life is for the lassoing.

  • On the Words

    On the Words

    On the Spot hosts a spelling bee and a dictionary memorization contest.

  • It’s Not Election Day

    It’s Not Election Day


  • Finale


    On The Spot wraps up its first season with an improv-a-ganza. That’s like an extravaganza of improv.

  • Nipple Powers

    Nipple Powers

    This week’s On The Spot guest stars Jack Hackett as host, because Matt is off fighting tigers in the Amazon. We wish him well. Also featured this week: some fun facts about penguins, how not to lay an egg at a party, and the best way to escape the Church of Scientology.

  • The Christmas Tequila Divorce Party

    The Christmas Tequila Divorce Party

    Chase, Georges, Cam, and Gabe return to the stage for an intense exploration of their innermost desires.

  • Halloween Hangover

    Halloween Hangover

    It’s November – are you sick of Halloween yet? Matt sure isn’t. Tune in for some chills and thrills.

  • On the Spot Gets Knighted

    On the Spot Gets Knighted

    On The Spot attains the highest honor the Queen can bestow upon a television show. Chris learns how to land an airplane. Chase throws a party with unexpected consequences.

  • The Revenge of Cardboard Man

    The Revenge of Cardboard Man

    Some days, it seems like Matt just wants to watch the world burn. It’s a very flammable battle for justice, dignity, and the last laugh on this week’s On The Spot!

  • Who Killed Chase Rosenberg?

    Who Killed Chase Rosenberg?

    Series regular Chase Rosenberg disappears for the week as new talent menacingly encroaches on his coveted spot as fan favorite. Matt’s polka dot shirt reappears.

  • Alien Invasion Drinking Song

    Alien Invasion Drinking Song

    Have you ever wondered what happens when a chef and a sous chef have a disagreement? Or what’s really in authentic cow milk? Or what happens when you lock your brother inside a toy chest? Tune in to this week’s On The Spot, where Matty Matt and the Funky Bunch embark on a search for answers.