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Expedition Into the Antarctic Ecosystem

In this episode of Get SChooled!, Dr. Cornelius Sullivan joins us to discuss everything about Antarctica, “from penguins to policy.” From the microscopic flora that thrives in the frozen ocean to the curious penguins that waddle the icy plateau, Dr. Sullivan shares the important biological research conducted there and explains the region’s importance within the international community.

Dr. Sullivan’s Bio

The Architects of Sustainable Communities & Urban Change (S1:Ep5)

Building a city is difficult in itself. Building a sustainable city is even more difficult. Appearing on Get SChooled! this week is Dr. Robert Vos, a professor of Spatial Science, to shine a light on the challenges in designing livable yet less resource intensive communities. This renewed focus on sustainability has also led to a rise in geodesign studies, the apex of urban planning, spatial science, and architecture professions, in order to address these urgent challenges of the 21st century. A groundbreaking episode in dealing with a subject that’ll affect everyone’s livelihood.


Jammin’ with Japanese Music Theory (S1:Ep3)

Musical theory is neither boring nor reserved solely for classical music! In this episode, Dr. Jonathan “Capital” Patterson sits down with show host Vaibhav Ramrakhani and sets out to demonstrate just that. Drawing together a Japanese music theory perspective, a few pop songs, and a fine-tuned guitar, Get SChooled is guaranteed to be a showstopper this time around.

Dr. Jonathan “Capital” Patterson 

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