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  • CON Episode 1.06 “Fool’s Mate”

    CON Episode 1.06 “Fool’s Mate”

    Iris goes after the book of blackmail that will ensure her safety as Jonah falls apart after his failure. Directed by Avi Kaye.

  • CON Episode 1.05 “Desperado”

    CON Episode 1.05 “Desperado”

    Iris’ inability to trust others wears at her psyche as she tries to finish her plan; Jonah finally makes a move on Faye. Directed by Avi Kaye.

  • CON Episode 1.04 “Countergambit”

    CON Episode 1.04 “Countergambit”

    Iris refuses to tell Jonah about her dark past, and when Iris and Jonah make a stop at the radio station to drop off an essay, they find themselves trapped. Directed by Dylan Visvikis.

  • CON Episode 1.03 “Tabiya”

    CON Episode 1.03 “Tabiya”

    Iris runs into trouble as Jonah runs into obstacles to get Faye and Aiden back together. Directed by Ben Wilkinson.

  • CON Episode 1.02 “Interpose”

    CON Episode 1.02 “Interpose”

    Iris gets closer to Aiden to track down the book of blackmail his roommate has; Jonah concocts a plan to keep Faye from sleeping with her director.

  • CON Episode 1.01 “Blind Chess”

    CON Episode 1.01 “Blind Chess”

    An unlikely pair of con artists — Iris, a reckless lone wolf, and Jonah, a controlling mastermind — meet at a party and decide to combine their talents. Directed by Avi Kaye.