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  • Wildlands


    We recruited On The Spot’s host Matt Linton to come on and talk about the latest in the Tom Clancy series of games: Ghost Recon Wildlands. Is it any good? Find out through our review and playthrough!!

  • On with the Raw One: xXx The Secret Episode

    On with the Raw One: xXx The Secret Episode

    In this episode comedy goes TOO FAR and as we push the boundaries the kids grow up before our very eyes. Anisha learns to spell the wrong words, Chris opens up about his luggage, Kristen exhibits signs of early onset Alzheimer’s, Alistair backpedals like a typical MAN, and Matt writes a novel for the ages.

  • Spring Rakers

    Spring Rakers

    This week, unfortunately, a Clipper’s girl visits, but on the bright side, thou willst receivest some datingest tips!

  • Wall Street 4: Money Sleeps A Lot

    Wall Street 4: Money Sleeps A Lot

    A bag of money, a ruthless director, selling our soul to have a sponsor on the show, OH MY!

  • The Family (Wo)Man

    The Family (Wo)Man

    Haley’s friends and family pay The Breakdown a visit for some old fashioned frivolity and crayons.

  • Ben & Haley’s Roses

    Ben & Haley’s Roses

    Ben and Haley send roses to the totally-not-kidnapped hearts in Los Angeles, and a Navy Seal does some tricks!

  • Hay There!

    Hay There!

    The Breakdown hosts famous people this week, including (but not limited to) the extra from the back right corner sipping Sangria in Hidden Figures AND Farmer Judd!

  • The No Good, Double Holiday, Very Long Weekend

    The No Good, Double Holiday, Very Long Weekend

    Special appearances by: an offensive frat boy using President’s Day as an excuse to party, a loving married couple, and the missing nuclear missile!

  • “A Few Decent People”

    “A Few Decent People”

    The Breakdown is back and ready to Aaron-Sorkin-steadicam our way to the top! But first, hit the beat for Black History Month!

  • Mind Games Plays Improv Games

    Mind Games Plays Improv Games

    Mind Games gets a taste of the improv life when four performers from Spoiler Alert and Trojan Vision’s very own On The Spot join Joseph in studio!

  • Early April Fools

    Early April Fools

    It may be early, but Mara and Sarah were too excited for April Fool’s Day. In this episode, they put together foods with fun twists. Everything is not what it seems!

  • Potatoes Be Poppin’

    Potatoes Be Poppin’

    Mara and Sarah know their favorite starch. It’s the humble potato. But this week, potatoes have gone wild and taken over the studio. Let’s watch them try and corral them.