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  • Trojan Vision Live Stream

    Trojan Vision Live Stream

  • From Kabuki to Manga: Japanese Literature & Culture Today (S2:Ep.2)

    Get SChooled! takes a trip to the East as Dr. Satoko Shimazaki unveils the nature of Japanese literature in contemporary times. From the everlasting nature and appeal of kabuki theatre to the popularity of manga such as Ghost in the Shell, Dr. Shimazaki & Madeleine Benn guides us through it all. ゴジラはここにいた Faculty Info. Air Date: February 16, 2018

  • Sanai Victoria

    Hosts Sabrina and Keith discuss current events and are joined in the studio by 11-year-old actress and quadruple-threat Sanai Victoria. They play a fun game of Pictionary followed by an interview in which they discuss her already full acting resume.

  • Mac Kahey on The Morning Brew

    Hosts Kelsey and Keith sit down with Mac Kahey to do a “Hot Take” on some of the most trending controversial pop culture topics. Later they discuss how Mac started his youtube channel, and how Shane Dawson and Grace Helbig were inspirations for him.

  • Laura and Sarah Bellini

  • Claudia Christian

  • Mark Jonathan Harris

    Documentary filmmaker and USC professor Mark Jonathan Harris talks with host Sarah Rosenthal about the making of his latest film Breaking Point: The War for Democracy in Ukraine

  • Filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang

    USC alum Andrew Thomas Huang tells host Judy Nwandu about working with musicians like Bjork in a visual medium.

  • Stephen Kennes

  • Rusty Citrone

  • Ricki Kline

    Host Alexandra Miles sits down with interior designer Ricki Kline to talk about his process for designing some of the most famous bars in Los Angeles.

  • In a Picture: A Snapshot of Photojournalism In the Digital Age (S2:Ep1)

    The season opens with show host Madeleine Benn interviewing Professor Miki Turner, an award-winning photojournalist, producer, and author. Check out as Professor Turner charts the journey that her photos have taken her through and explores photography’s role in social justice! Faculty Info! Air Date: February 9, 2018